Welcome to the Omaha Bloggers Group!


Omaha Bloggers was started in August 2013 when member Erin (Her Heartland Soul) moved to Omaha and was looking to connect with other bloggers and make new friends. Within a few short months the blogging group grew to over 50 bloggers. Members include women and men with varied interests and passions but one commonality: their love of blogging.

As Omaha Bloggers our mission is simple: embrace other bloggers, grow as individual bloggers, and share the love for our wonderful city. We strive to always produce quality content, be in the know about the latest products and services, and be professional when dealing with business partners.

We enjoy inviting our readers into our lives and establishing relationships with them. Blogging is fun, and we seek to make our blogs an enjoyable place to connect with readers.

Companies We’ve Worked With:

We have worked with a variety of local and national businesses to help them achieve their marketing goals.

Omaha Performing Arts





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